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Ayan may party hat ka para feel na feel. 😂 Wishing this person all the best that this world can give, i.e., peanut butter, more time for sleeping, more time for koreanovelas and series, more money for shopping, good health and love. Happiest birthday Angela @angelazores! :) You may be the most random person I know who inserts out-of-the-blue topics into conversations and turn serious moments to funny ones, but you sure are one beautiful individual. Take care of yourself….. and your things (wag maglabas ng phone sa bus). Hahahaha! May all your cravings be satisfied (kenny kitkat beer oops) Enjoy your day! 😊🎂 Super luma na ng picture but uh yes hinagilap ko pa somewhere =))))))

How often do you come across a person who has the same interests as you, who does almost exactly the same things that you do and who loves and treats you as her sister? Happy happy birthday Trina @trinamendiola! 😊 We may have had differences in opinions & little arguments along the way, but these proved that our friendship is much better and stronger. I miss being seatmates, comparing notes, sharing things and laughing my heart out (kaya napapagalitan ng prof oops PolDy) with you. You have grown into a mature and beautiful individual and I can never be more proud. I love you and we are here with and for you every step of the way. To friendship, limitless fun, sleepovers, foodtrips and love! 😚

Happy Birthday baby girl @josephinegrace 😚😚 You are generous and kind no wonder you are very blessed. Continue sharing your good heart to others. I love you and good luck with law school! I’ll see you and @trinamendiola soon. 😊

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